Connecting radiologists across borders

We proudly worked with Radiology Across Borders, an Australian registered charity that provides radiology education and support to clinicians in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

The project

The TIDES project - Teleradiology in Disaster Events, Screening and Second opinions - specifically provides remote radiology services to Samoa and the Cook Islands. These nations have limited access to trained radiologists, so a team of Australian volunteer radiologists work on a rotating roster to provide pro bono second opinions and reporting during disaster events.

How we helped

Dr Katja Beitat provided advice on medico-legal and privacy implications for the initial proof of concept. This included local clinicians securely sharing selected and complex imaging studies via a web-based platform with radiologists based in Australia for their opinion. Having successfully completed the proof of concept stage, the project lead, Dr. Glyn Llewellyn-Jones, was seeking advice on how to design and implement a scalable teleradiology workflow in order to offer the program at more international sites and also extend the number of volunteer radiologists who would provide 2nd opinions from Australia.

Our team gathered and documented the business and technical requirements to support this unique workflow and context. We assisted in approaching several partners and guided Dr Llewellyn-Jones with regarding the technological, cybersecurity and privacy aspects during partner discussions.

Going forward

Dr Llewellyn-Jones found that “working with Katja and Nikhil provided me with a sense of confidence at each step of the project through their regular and clear communication and outcome focused recommendations. Katja identified several potential barriers to project implementation and recommendations as to how these could be managed ahead of time”.

Once the right partner was selected, we reviewed and drafted appropriate contractual arrangements for the Board of Radiology Across Borders.

We continue working with Radiology Across Borders on ensuring the successful rollout of the TIDES project to more nations.

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