Co-designing digital tools for aged care

Aged care is undergoing a tremendous transformation, forcing aged care, allied health and general practitioners to find new models of collaboration. We work upon the assumption that it is essential to actively involve the different care providers in the aged care sector to design digital tools to support their work both onsite and virtually is essential to create tools that are fully interoperable with and extend their individual existing workflows.

The challenge

Dr Henry Konopnicki runs a GP practice specialised in providing services to aged care residents. Dr Konopnicki was looking for an integrated solution of team-based secure messaging linked to his clinical records management system. To support his and the nursing team’s mobility across many sites, he asked for an easy-to-use, mobile first and integrated solution to communicate as a team, but also with other specialist providers, such as wound consultants, or psychologists, when required. Most importantly, digital medical records needed to be available instantly to the various members of the age care patient’s care team.

How we solved it

We co-designed a mobile first workflow that allows the GP to manage all aspects of onsite and remote patient reviews. The cloud-based solution, including synchronised mobile and web applications, allowed for secure recording and sharing of images, notes and observations. Mapping the current workflow was crucial to understand that the digital solution needed to incorporate care team members from various sites and organisations. The clinical users reported significant improvements in the ability to deliver instant care to residents through the ability to get real-time advice from a remote multidisciplinary clinical team, which ultimately supports better patient care.

Dr Konopnicki found that “the tight, ongoing communication with Katja and Nikhil was important to develop the perfect solution. It was an agile process with continuous collaboration. Our clinical feedback was constantly taken into account when further refining the workflow. Any issues were addressed instantly”.

Key points for success

The success of this project was due to active co-design and constant feedback from the clinical users. Dr Konopnicki’s strong leadership was fundamental for the adoption of the new workflow by other users. He worked closely with our team to optimise and test out wider user cases. Dr Konopnicki setup became a blue-print for collaborative virtual delivery of aged care well before the COVID 19 pandemic.

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